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Employment and Training Opportunities

Ph.D. Students

With 1 or 2 students graduating each year, there are usually opportunities for new motivated students to join the group.  With diverse inter-disciplinary projects, past trainees have succeeded with a very wide variety of prior backgrounds majoring in biology, biochemistry, biophysics, chemistry, mathematics, molecular biology or physics.  Of particular interest to students trained in physics, math, engineering or computer science is a new initiative in Quantitative Biosciences. Students in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BMB) are admitted through the PhD Program in Cellular & Molecular Biosciences or the MD/PhD training program and should contact me directly about specific opportunities.

Post-doctoral opportunities

Molecular Virology or cryo-Electron Microscopy:

Candidates with experience in the above fields and who are recent Ph.D. graduates (no more than 3 years ago) are encouraged to apply for opportunities to investigate virus-host interactions relevant to development of AAV gene therapy vectors.

Protein Dynamics:

Candidates with a Ph.D. in protein NMR (no more than 3 years ago) are encouraged to apply for the opportunity to participate in holistic, interdisciplinary studies of functional dynamics.

Independent / Partially supported:

Those hoping to support themselves with an independent fellowship and wishing to work in areas related to any of our ongoing interests are welcome to enquire at any time. Limited funding may be available while a fellowship application is prepared.

Laboratory Assistant:

A part-time position is available, assisting with cell culture, molecular biology, protein expression and purification. Candidates should be current science majors or B.S. graduates with some laboratory experience in biochemistry or molecular biology, and are motivated to learn.